Frequently Asked Questions

Who can tell stories?

Current and former residents of Steger, South Chicago Heights, and adjoining communities, or individuals who would like to tell a story about events that occurred there during their lives.

It doesn't matter if you're a celebrity or if you've lived a quiet life -- your stories matter.

What kind of stories can I tell?

We are looking for 3-5 minute stories about arts and culture, family, events, daily life, or nature. These stories will partly be used as teacher resources, so please do not include content that would be unacceptable in a classroom setting.

Could you help me put my story together?

Sure! You can book an appointment for us to help you plan your story. You can record it that day, or take time to practice it and come back another time.

The best way to start planning your story is to decide on a title for your story and what your first sentence and last sentences will be. Then, you can fill in the middle when it's time to record. It's better to tell your story from the heart rather than reading it off a sheet of paper, and having your first and last lines ready will help guide you. You may want to jot down a few notes of what things you want to make sure you mention.

How is the story recorded?

If you come in person, we will record the stories using a microphone, webcam, and library laptop. You may choose to include the video or only have sound in the final recording.

If you tell your story over Zoom or Google Meet, the call will be recorded. You may choose to include the video or only have sound in the final recording.

You may choose to include a slideshow of pictures with your story instead of video, or just a title screen in the background with no video.

Where is my story stored?

Video or audio story recordings will be uploaded to the Southland Story Bridge YouTube channel and posted at We may also share links to the video on our social media, and it may be used by as a teacher resource.

Do you have any examples I can see?

You can check out to see an example of an active OurStoryBridge project.

Do you have more questions?

Please contact Jessica Rodrigues at